Drupal Support Services

We create customized Drupal solutions crafted to meet your needs. DA's team of open-source wizards have brilliantly taken on the most demanding clients in academia and government. Imagine what they can do for you!
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At DrupalAnswers, we like to begin our process with a Discovery phase to fully articulate the goals, constraints and measures of success for your project. We set out to bring clarity to your vision and concept. We meet with you and your key stakeholders to ensure that project goals and stakeholder expectations are fully aligned and that all potential opportunities are explored. We work together to develop real understandings of what achievements are expected in terms of outputs and outcomes. To learn more about our Discovery process, get in touch with us!



Design & Development

The design and visual styling phase includes several sub-steps that are usually iterative. A cycle of reviewing, tweaking, and approving the mock-ups takes place until you are satisfied (usually, three rounds). Once we obtain the final approval, it’s coding time. We implement the xhtml in Drupal and create a set of templates that can be used to design pages across your site. We then develop interactive quality and iteratively test for functionality issues. We then create unique pages on your site and enter sample content, so you can envision what your site will look like when it’s populated.

Drupal CMS
Custom Modules
Custom Themes


Support & Training

Whether or not we build your site, we can deliver top-notch post-launch and ongoing Drupal maintenance and tech support. We're successfully supporting leading higher education institutions on Drupal across the US. Unlike other firms or agency, we exclusively work on Drupal CMS for Higher Education and our Drupal support services plans include anything and everything that impacts your website. So, if you're unhappy with your site performance, looking to add new features, or simply want an expert to audit your website, give us a call! We’re there for you when you need us.

Site Management
CMS Support
Site Audits
On-site & Remote Training


We can integrate Drupal with your institution's authentication system, analytics, and enterprise systems to help you avoid duplicate entries and keep your data up-to-date.
Single Sign On
LDAP & Active Directory
Enterprise Systems



We can help you migrate your site to Drupal or upgrade your current Drupal site to the latest version. We can also create a backup of your site for disaster-recovery purposes. In addition, we can help restore your site from a previous backup to bring your site back online if you're experiencing any difficulties.
Migrate to Drupal
Backup & Transfer
Restore & Test
Drupal Upgrades


We monitor your site for performance. If it's not performing optimally, we look into the issues and resolve them. Also, as part of our maintenance services, we can update and upgrade your Drupal site as needed. We can provide top-notch security assessments or site audits and configure security settings to ensure your site is secure and accessibility-compliant.
Performance Monitoring
Accessibility Compliance